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War in the Pacific – Handguns of the Axis & Allies

Seventy years ago, America was in the final year of World War II and in the Pacific, it was

a bitter struggle from island to island. In the close jungle environment, handguns came into

frequent usage. NRA’s National Firearms Museum is bringing a special display with rare wartime

pistol treasures to Chantilly, VA for the C&E Showmasters gunshow on January 2, 3, and 4, 2015.

Japanese handguns will include several examples of Nambu semi-automatics from the “Baby Nambu”

to the Type 14 and even including an handgun brought home by war correspondent Edgar Rice

Burroughs (the creator of Tarzan). From handmade copies of foreign designs to revolvers, you’ll

be able to see amazing pieces of Oriental military history.

American/Allied arms will on exhibit include a Colt 1911 carried off Corregidor island in a desperate

escape, a General Motors “Liberator,” a handmade guerilla gun used in the Philippines, Smith & Wesson

“Victory” Model serial number 3, USMC aviator and Medal of Honor recipient Joe Foss’s .45 and much more.

NRA’s museums now number three – Fairfax, VA’s National Firearms Museum, Springfield, MO’s

NRA National Sporting Arms Museum in conjunction with Bass Pro Shops and Raton, NM’s Brownell

Museum of the American Southwest - all house special collections drawn from NRA holdings.

All offer free admission. We hope you can visit any of our facilities and make a special effort to drop

by the C&E Showmasters for this one-time Pacific War exhibition on January 2-4. For more information,

e-mail or call (703) 267-1600.  


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